Sunday, December 20, 2009

Drumroll please...

And the winner...

chosen by

from Dave and Brit Plus One's Christmas Giveaway....

that won this awesome, adorable 2010 calender by Mellen Designs...


JENN from With Grace and Lace

Thank you all who participated!

Jenn- please email me your address at and I will get your calendar shipped!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Dave, Bangle Me

Dearest Husband,

We both know you do not have my Christmas present yet. You always wait until the last minute. No, no I'm not complaining. I am trying to help you out before you rush to buy me Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman's necklace. Instead... bangle me.

Since bangle bracelets are super hot right now....quite the fashion can bangle me by going here.

OR just love knot me at Kranichs.

No hustle and bustle, avoid lines, avoid traffic, avoid malls, great deals for ME delivered straight to our home from HERE.

Wow, I've just managed to help you out a ton my dearest Dave.


Ladies you may want to send this HINT on to your man too! Tell him to BANGLE YOU!

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Punky Little Princess

O.M.G. I mean glitzy Chuck Taylor's for little ones? I die.

I bet even Chuck Norris would like to do a roundhouse kick in a pair of these!

I had been WAITING for the day that Baby K would grow into these adorable shoes custom designed by Kelly. They were a gift when K was in utero and now the days of becoming a Punky Little Princess have arrived... sigh.

Okay, so these would make an AWESOME gift for someone expecting or who has a little princess OR if you have a little one then you must go HERE for Punky Little Princess' contact info and more. They come in a variety of different sizes and colors but no doubt about it... all are very punky. =)

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby K says THANK YOU

Baby K says...
thank you...
for becoming a follower of our new blog! Now...

You need to go to THIS post right HERE right NOW and comment away to win THIS!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Obsessed! Anyone Else?

I especially want the girl with the long straight blonde hair...

Dear Gap,

Your commercial completes me.

Christmas Cheers!

Need a Baby Shower Gift?

My friend Traci is currently working on opening up here etsy store here, but for now she is showcasing her up and coming work here on Flickr. (You can also click on the above banner.)

Traci offers reversible bibs, burpees, onesies, tees, pillowcase dresses, belts and more. She uses the prettiest fabrics to craft the cutest things for kiddos like my K.

Before K was born she made me a bib with a big K and two burp cloths

How cute are they? Her work is not just for girls... the boy stuff is to die for too. You have to go check it out. If you have a little one or know someone with a little one then her stuff would make a great gift or special treat for your special mini.
So go check out Lex and Louie on Flickr and tell her I sent you or contact Traci here by email for any questions or for custom design work!
Handcrafted, one of kind, adorable fabrics, usable wears! Lex and Louie! Check it out!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009


A college sorority sister of mine, Mary Ellen, has her own fine stationary company called Mellen Designs. If you have been a follower of Dave and Brit Plus One for a while now, you will recall I had her custom design the invitation below for a fall bridal shower.

How stinkin' cute is that? Mary Ellen is so talented. She does custom design work and she also has tons of amazing products already ready to be shipped out for you or a loved one for Christmas. Check out her website Mellen Designs to see for yourself!

Stationary is an awesome gift for a friend or an awesome purchase for yourself. I find myself having so many thank yous or needing to send a "just because" card to someone that I purchased myself the following!

I had my initials on this card and it's so pretty! I love it for a "just because note" or a "thank you".

I also wanted something with my new last name, so I ordered these. This is a great little gift for a new bride! It's so much fun recieving gifts with your new name! I couldn't wait to start using mine!

Lastly, I recently purchased this variety pack of enclosure cards. It's great to have cards... and not just any card... PRETTY stationary....around the house and ready to use when I discover I am in need to drop someone a happy birthday wish or a congrats!

So NOW for the GIVEAWAY!

One of my new favorite items that is available at Mellen Designs is the above desk and counter calendar for 2010. We all need a new one of these ladies! I am purchasing mine today online at Mellen Designs. I love the whimsical artwork and bright colors. This will be the perfect way to brighten my new year and keep me on track!

Before you rush to Mellen Designs to make your purchase....wait...take just about a week and see if you are Dave and Brit Plus One's lucky winner! I wish I could give you all one for Christmas, but hopefully whether you win this calendar or not, you will find something special for yourself at Mellen Designs!

Here are the rules to enter this awesome giveaway:

All you have to do is visit Mellen Designs and tell me which is your favorite holiday card (other than the one I have included below in this post) and leave it in a comment on this post. Or for TWO entries blog about this on your blog. Make sure to leave me another comment letting me know you have blogged!

**NOTE-you MUST be a follower of Brit's Review Blog to be counted (even if you are already a follower of Dave and Brit Plus One.)

By the favorite card is this one below!

You have until Friday, December 18th to enter and then I will be doing a random selection! The winner will be announced here but I will link back and forth between Brit's Review Blog and Dave and Brit Plus One to help remind you!

Good luck and comments are welcome.....NOW! =)

P.S. Also go visit Mary Ellen's awesome blog, Mostly Mellen! You will be glad you did!

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Love Knot

Since Baby K is still so young and it takes an act of God to get everything packed up and her and I out of the door and on our way, draining me of my energy and usually resulting in her screaming and crying in her car seat while I'm praying for a red light so I can pop her paci back in her mouth.... I have done most of my Christmas shopping this year online. No hussle and bussle... just enjoying shopping at home, in my pjs (currently by the fire place) with my baby nestled comfortably in her home where her daily routine is not disturbed.

I have seen all of the commercials for the Everlon Love Knot Jewelry on television for the big department stores, but I never in a million years would attempt trying to get to the mall during this time of year with my 7 month old to buy it. NO WAY! I am obsessed with this jewelry though and especially the earrings and bangle bracelets. Have you seen it?

I love these earrings and am mildly obsessed with this bracelet found here.

If you haven't seen the commercials or have been like me and NOT ventured to the overcrowded mall to shop, then go
HERE to see some of this beautiful collection of Everlon Love Knot jewelry.

The best part about my new online discovery is that I don't have to leave my house to buy it... or should I say my HUSBAND doesn't have to leave the house if HE wants to buy something pretty for ME!

I love this online site called Kranich's Jewelers. Not only do they have the Love Knot collection but tons of other beautiful things.




Happy shopping from home and in your pj's, by the fire and with your PLUS one (if you have a plus one. =)